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142 Thu November 7, 2019


Description: Extra stock from another project I had been working on. These are nice sand cast flywheels with low flash & good surface finish. Selling them at cost; it will be hard to find nicer castings cheaper.

On eBay these flywheels are listed at $13 for 4 flywheels but away from ebay I will sell them for $12 for 4 flywheels (which works out to $3 per flywheel) shipping. Please email about questions & a zip code is needed to figure shipping.

These unmachined castings can be used with any small model engine. Like most castings, some filing & cleaning work will be needed. Depending on finishing, a small lathe & drill press may be required to machine these castings as desired.

=Approximate dimensions:

Outside Diameter (O.D.) of flywheel rim = 4"

Rim side face width = 0.280"

Rim thickness = 0.4375"

Hub diameter = 0.625"

Hub height sticking out from each side of flywheel =0.300" & 0.140"

Weight = 3.7 oz. (0.23 lb.) each flywheel

Please email about any questions, thanks,

-Nick Rowland
6252 Johnston Rd.
New Washington, Ohio 44854
Keywords: Auction: 4 Cast Hit Miss Model Gas Engine Flywheel Castings
Location: New Washington, Ohio
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