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555 Wed August 21, 2019


Description: We created this tribute of a beautiful piece of automobile history over a 24 month period with no expense spared. The original Serpollets were built and shown in Paris in 1887. There was a very limited production and maybe 2 originals still exist in European museums.

The wooden wheels and bench seat were fabricated by Amish craftsmen in Nappanee Indiana. The engine is a 1920 Edwards 2 cylinder gas/kerosene engine (not hit or miss and it runs at a steady RPM) with a variable 1.5 to 6 hp. The engine serial number is #007. I believe its the only engine made that can be operated on either one or both cylinders. The braking assembly is from an original Amish buggy and it has wagon wheel style wooden brake pads. We use a 28 volt drag-bike starter to start it because of the high compression. The starter will go with the vehicle.

We entered this in several shows in Florida 2 years ago and it won all of them hands-down. It's only been shown in Florida so I guarantee you'll turn heads and win trophies in any other state.

We only took this vehicle to regional or national shows, put on by nationally recognized certified judges. In our opinion, if there is not serious money awards (over $500) or if a picture of the winner was not going to be placed in a national magazine, the show is not worth going to. One show we attended (for fun) was a motorcycle builders show with IMBBA judges. Because this vehicle is a tricycle/3-wheeler, it qualifies for both car and motorcycle shows. This show was specifically for highly customized baggers, choppers and other high end motorcycles - some with build prices of $100K . A judge walked up to me at the show and said our vehicle didn't qualify because they didn't have an "antique" class. I told him that everything but the engine (1920's) was brand new, and I offered to show him the build list. We won "Best in Class" at that show. The awards included $500 in cash, a custom metal trophy and a diamond pendant.

In another car show, a gentleman who collected high-end '20's era convertibles, asked me why I would risk showing the vehicle in an outdoor settling. He said if he owned it, it he would never risk taking it out of his showroom. This is the reaction we get when we show this vehicle.

Our next two vehicles for the 2020 and 2021 show seasons will be a 1910 era French propeller powered car and a 1920's era French 3-wheeled cycle car that's similar to a Morgan. Both vehicles have wood frames with almost no metal used in their construction. We expect these vehicles to do very well in upcoming shows.

Buy it for your personal collection, to show (and win) or, to put in your theme restaurant, museum or office lobby.

This vehicle is approx. 11' long and 5' wide and will be sold with bill of sale. For additional information, please contact Mark at (727) 481-8435.
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Location: Plymouth, Indiana
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