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Wanted: Wanted Large Diesel Stationary Ruston Hornsby National
posted by Jake65mm upperco

Im looking for a large English built diesel engine 35-50hp or so, single or multi cylinder 4 stroke horizontal configuration. Ruston hornsby, National gas and oil, Crossley or ...
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Wed July 18, 2018 10:50pm
Wanted: IHC vertical intake valve lockout mechanism
posted by Tom Weatherford 1 stars Big Island, Virginia USA

Was wondering if anybody is making the latch out for the intake valve for the vertical IHC engines I have a pattern and if not I will start making them for sale. thanks for ...
47 Tue July 17, 2018 2:57pm
Wanted: Seager Olds 12-15 hp sub base and fuel mixer
posted by Les Layton keizer

Looking for the fuel tank/sub base for a big olds and also need the complete fuel mixer. Thanks for any help.
44 Tue July 17, 2018 3:27am
Wanted: Economy "E" 2-1/2HP parts wanted
posted by noeleo Desha, Arkansas

Looking for a straight governor side flywheel for my 2-1/2HP Economy "E" model. Also governor spindle rod and spring.
130 Mon July 16, 2018 10:51pm
Wanted: IHC m 10hp
posted by Bryant Nebraska, USA

Looking for some parts for a 10hp IHC m. Need a mag and igniter
124 Sun July 15, 2018 11:03pm
Wanted: essex carb or similar
posted by KyleBlankenship 1 stars BROOKVILLE

lookinf for an essex mixer. for my kalamazoo engine. it has 3?4 pipe thread. ive included a couple pictures of a smiliar one from a friends engine and a copy of original sales ...
164 Sun July 15, 2018 12:03pm
Wanted: Any parts for Famous 8 HP
posted by VossD Spiritwood, Saskatchewan , Canada

Have a good crankshaft flywheels and crankcase, plus timing gear looking for the rest. Does someone have an engine that needs these parts would buy your project. Not looking t ...
104 Sat July 14, 2018 10:21pm
Wanted: Head and muffler for 2 1/2hp Mogul
posted by austral 6hp austraila new south wales

Hi Iím chasing a head and muffler and push rod for a 2 1/2hp Mogul. Iím from Australia.thank you regards Chris
40 Sat July 14, 2018 12:57pm
Wanted: Scott engine gas tank
posted by darrell armstrong rogers, ar usa

need information on the Scott engines gas tank. does anybody have one that could share with me the size & shape so I can have one made? email, call, or text. thanks Darrell 47 ...
138 Fri July 13, 2018 6:06pm
Wanted: 2hp dishpan Fairbanks governor
posted by hitmissfan rochester new york

I'm looking for a governor assembly for a throttle governed 2hp Dishpan Fairbanks (the governor pictured is similar but not a dishpan there is a pin on the cam gear used to tr ...
98 Fri July 13, 2018 12:27am
Wanted: 16 HP Jacobson water hopper
posted by Jonah Close Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

In search of a water hopper for a 16 HP Jacobson Engine. If you have one you are willing to part with please call/text 814-873-2114 or email me at Tha ...
332 Thu July 12, 2018 4:43pm
Wanted: Mogul 4-bolt breather 1919 1 1/2hp M
posted by Stevie Southern Calif

Hello. I need a 4-bolt Mogal breather for my 1919 1 1/2hp M. Please let me know what you all have
50 Thu July 12, 2018 1:49pm
Wanted: Flying Dutchman hit and miss engine
posted by Ben Zimmerer Lindsay, Texas

I am looking for a hit and miss engine that was made by Alamo They were Flying Dutchman and made for Moline Plow Company Email to
77 Sun July 8, 2018 7:18pm
Wanted: 25-30 h.p. Harris Harvester tag
posted by Tanner Remillard 1 stars Pendleton, Oregon

Looking for an original or repo. brass I.d. tag for my 25-30 Harris Harvester engine. Any help appreciated.
69 Sat July 7, 2018 11:46pm
posted by Ron Priebe Owatonna, Minnesota

79 Fri July 6, 2018 7:05pm
Wanted: Fairbanks 10HP NB Carburetor and large cast iron Fairbanks tag
posted by Mark Julian Blue Springs

I am needing a Fairbanks 10HP NB throttle governed carburetor, original or reproduction. Also needing the large cast iron Fairbanks tag showing horsepower. Any help is appreci ...
71 Fri July 6, 2018 3:22am
Wanted: McCormick-Deering 1 1/2hp M Late 3- needle carb engine
posted by Stevie Southern Calif

Hello. I am looking for a late model McCormick-Deering 1 1/2hp M 3 needle valve carb ignitor engine . I have a 1926 John Deere 1 1/2hp E engine on reproduction cart to trade ...
83 Thu July 5, 2018 2:04am
Wanted: 4HP (or larger) Hit Miss Engine Project
posted by StrikeForce Kempton, Pennsylvania

Looking for an engine; 4HP (or larger) (nothing smaller please) Have that old stuck or rusty engine sitting in the corner? Not getting around to fixing it? Searching out my ...
258 Wed July 4, 2018 11:39pm
Wanted: Big 6 Sandwich crank guard
posted by S.Upham Whately, Massachusetts

Looking to purchase a crank guard for a heavy 6 hp Sandwich gas engine. Thanks.
60 Wed July 4, 2018 2:59pm
Wanted: McCormick-Deering 1 1/2hp M Understrike parts
posted by Stevie Southern Calif

Hello. I have an early 1919 1 1/2hp M that has been converted to an Overstrike igniter. I am in need of the parts to put it back to an Understrike. THANKS
63 Wed July 4, 2018 1:36am
Wanted: SEAGER OLDS 1-1/2 Hp, Type A square hopper, Flywheel Wanted
posted by rustaholic 1 stars Northridge

I am looking for a Govenor Side Flywheel for a SEAGER OLDS 1-1/2 Hp - hit and miss gas engine mfg by R. E. Olds of Oldsmobile, Type A square hopper. Thank You
68 Tue July 3, 2018 3:49pm
Wanted: Restorable John Deere hit and miss
posted by DavidS914 Dimmitt, Texas

Looking for a restorable John Deere hit and miss engine. Not really picky on condition as long as it will restore nicely. I messed with a few of these years ago and am in the ...
118 Sun July 1, 2018 2:26pm
Wanted: IHC Fuel Pump, Part No. G or GA 6775
posted by Joseph Cissell Fancy Farm, Kentucky, USA

I need a IHC FUEL PUMP FOR MY ENGINE. THE PART NUMBER IS G6775 OR GA6775. This is all I like having my engine running. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. You can ...
104 Sun July 1, 2018 3:10am
Wanted: IHC International Famous/Titan 1HP Hit miss with butter churn gear
posted by RobertTN Decatur, Tennessee

Hello, anybody out there who wants to sell a nice - ideally in original paint and with cart - IHC Famous/Titan including the reduction gear? Similar to the one that was ...
354 Sat June 30, 2018 4:44pm
Wanted: foos funnel top flywheels
posted by chuck w Eastsound, Washington USA

need flywheel for 6 hp funnel top foos. flywheel dimensions are 35 inch diameter, 2 3/8 inch crank, 2 1/4 inch face.
60 Sat June 30, 2018 4:28pm
Wanted: Flywheel for 12 HP Waterloo Engine
posted by PStraus Swartz Creek, Michigan

I'm looking for a governor side flywheel for a 12 HP Waterloo contract engine. My engine is tagged United. It's in decent shape other than a repaired flywheel hub stemming fro ...
133 Sat June 30, 2018 12:50pm
Wanted: 1 1/2 Hp Stovepipe Domestic Sidshaft
posted by Bob N Lena, Illinois, USA

I am not looking for a project, I want a nice running engine. I would like it to be with original parts and no c/b/w. On original cart if possible. Most important is that i ...
182 Fri June 29, 2018 12:56am
Wanted: Fuel nozzle for 3hp Worthington- Ingeco engine
posted by wogmire Elk River, Minnesota

Needing a fuel nozzle for 3hp Worthington- Ingeco gas engine. Would buy complete mixer or a parts engine if it has a original muffler and other parts I could use. Contact me t ...
131 Tue June 26, 2018 1:48am
Wanted: Clutch or straight pulley for a 15hp IHC
posted by Mike Linder 1 stars Easton, Minnesota

I am looking for a clutch or straight pulley for a 15 hp IHC Titan or Famous engine. It has a 9 7/8 inch spacing between the bolt spacing. Let me know what is out there and av ...
125 Mon June 25, 2018 8:17pm
Wanted: Fuel Pump & Igniter for Fairbanks Morse JOAT or T
posted by moonlightlumber Fayetteville, North Carolina

Looking for fuel pump and igniter for a Fairbanks Morse Jack of All Trades or T. Any condition will be considered. thanks
173 Wed June 20, 2018 3:28pm
posted by Ron Priebe owatonna

195 Fri June 15, 2018 6:27pm
Wanted: 4 HP Stover Model T for parts
posted by b62a Huntley, Montana

1914 Stover 4 HP Model T Need: Connecting Rod & Piston 4 1/2" bore. Cylinder Head and rocker arm. Linkage for above Will consider a parts engine.
189 Tue June 12, 2018 9:29pm
Wanted: Webster ignitr / magnet bracket
posted by BV071747 Tekonsha, Michigan

Iím in need of two different Webster igniter/ Magneto brackets. I need one for a 6 HP Galloway Master Piece Six, bracket number 303k16. It fits several size Galloway engines. ...
189 Tue May 29, 2018 2:48pm

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